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Our education system inspires the next generation.

The institutes are managed by Chairman, who works under the directions of the society and the trust as per guidelines framed time to time. The contents of the brochure shall be as decided by the society whenever required.

The primary aim of the institutes is to impact sound formation of spiritual, mental, moral, social physical education of all admitted, prescribed by government code. The school prepares the students for the AISSEC School examination conducted by the CBSC, Delhi.

The constant effort of the veteran teaching Faculty with national fame is to develop the individual personality of each on loaded metadata="pupil and bring out those qualities which are based and noblest in them. Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the institute.

It's different in its approach of accepting or preamble the each and every child can developed, improve and become happy through education that no child has ever been failed or made to repeat the class any year It is different in that, unusual emphasis attention successfully paid to the progress of self learning and selfwork, self motivation and interaction with the peer group then the normal practice of maximum emphasis our teaching

rajdhani public school

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