Our Facilities


Merit & honours Certificate is awarded to the student excelling in any subject in their board examination as judges by the board of the Managing Committee of the institute.


Games and sports form an integral part of the school curriculum. Considerable attention is paid to the physical development of the students. The school provide facilities for all major games and Sports: Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Kabaddi, Taekwondo, NCC, Scout & Guide, Swimming etc.


Regular day Boarding Buses ply to collect &drop children from areas in Greater Guwahati Upto Jagiroad. Bus Charges are levied as per expences incurred from time to time.

Scout & Guide

GIRL's guide and Boy's Scouting are other activities which inculcate the sense of discipline and make the students physical fit, strong and mentally alert.


The school has a well maintained Library cum reading Room. The Library has a very good collection of carefully selected books suited to the need of the children of different classes.


Besides imparting education of the highest quality, the school provides training in a wide range of cultural competitions are organised for the benefit of the student.


Co-curricular activities are the integrel part of the schooling.The school provides ampt opportunities to engage the students in a wide verity of activities, such as creativee writing public speaking, art and craft, dramatics gardening, art, music, dance(Bharat Natyam, Kothok, Satriya).


Food is prepared according to principles of nutrition as per long experience of running boarding schools. Criterion for good food is low sickness rate, general fitness and high standard of health. the diet is aimed the producing right mortal ability for academics, study and thinking process to avoid by pear activity and excitement and controlling severe addiction to particular hash or type of food.
N.B. All dues should be paid within 10th of every month. After 10th every month Rs. 50/-(fifty) will be imposed as late fine Hostel charges may be revised time to time, if necessary.

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